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Inklings Math and Memory Card Game for Kids, Ages 5 and Up

Inklings Math and Memory Card Game for Kids, Ages 5 and Up,

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Make Family Game Night Fun and Educational!

Boost Confidence and Recognition

Boost Confidence and Recognition

Learning math can be challenging for many young students, but Inklings card games for kids helps them learn how to quickly recall information and numbers which instills self-confidence. This means kids can start playing and learning early, so they can be better prepared in elementary school (Kindergarten-5th grade).

Interactive and Engaging Play

Interactive and Engaging Play

In Inklings, kids will use simple strategies to keep cards a secret, swap or block cards, and even use memory to find their next move. Perfect for early learners who love math or need extra math support. A great way to have a blast while promoting early learning.

Great for Family Time

Great for Family Time

Inklings was created for 2-6 players ages 5 and up. You’ll love being able to play Inklings with your kids and their siblings at home.

My twin's first grade class started using Inklings to supplement the math workbooks that the students use. My kids love the characters and the strategy elements of the game!

Tina R. - Mom of Twin Girl & Boy

Our boys enjoy playing Inklings because it's just fun! The game has an element of luck to it and they enjoy trying to beat me. We often play a couple rounds during our family game night.

Cheri P. - Mom of 3 Boys

My girls love playing Inklings and they have fun competing to see who has the highest score. As a parent, I love that my girls are manipulating numbers and it doesn't seem like school work.

James M. - Dad of 2 Girls

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